What is Mixing And Mastering


Is the process of adjusting everything you recorded e.g adding effects, adjusting levels, compression and EQing your tracks. Think of mixing as putting together a puzzle. Combining the parts of what you've recorded, making sure everything hangs together.


Think of mastering as adding sparkle and shine to your music.

The term refers to the process of optimizing each individual track by compressing, equalizing, making stereo enhancements, or adjusting the reverberation (echo) effect.

When you master your album, you're making sure that song one doesn't blow out the speakers while the second song is barely audible.

When your track is mastered it is normally referred to as 'radio ready'

Multi-track sessions

Mixing- £50

Recorded track is taken away and editing for a professional sounding track

Mastering - £20

At this stage the tracks volume is boosted, then tweaked to produce a clean sounding radio ready track

Mix and Master - 1 track for £70
Every song after that is only £60 per track if on same E.P/Album

Live-track sessions

Mixing & Mastering -  £40 (per song)



£30 an hour for your editing needs. cutting, trimming, pasting etc,