Recording Experience - £140

Come to D-Range and experience what it is like to record your very own single. 

Party size = 1-4 people

Party duration - 1.5 hour


We record you and your friends singing along to one track of your choosing the same way your favourite artist would record in the studio. 

The session is filmed and you will receive a music video

Once the recording is complete the track will be taken away, Mixed & Mastered to a professional standard. 

You will each receive a CD with your single

The Recording Experience Promo Video

Here is video of our new party option “The Recording Experience”
Experience what it is like to record your very own single, using industry standard equipment.

Each person is recorded individually and also recorded as a group.

A Music video has been created using the footage from the session.  

Party size = 1 - 4 people

Party duration - 1.5 hours

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