Rehearsal Room

D-Range studio's acoustically treated rehearsal room allows you to practice your songs without any external noise. Having any problems setting up the equipment? No problem there is a sound engineer on site to assist you. 

£15 per hour (Peak hours)

£10 per hour (off-peak hours)


Rehearsal Room Equipment;

Pa system - Mackie SRM 450 speakers
8 Channel Mackie DL 806 Mixer with Ipad (built in effects & EQ )
DI boxes

VBL Birchwood Pearl Drum Kit
Blackstar HT 50W Guitar Head w/ 2x12 Blackstar Cab (+ foot pedal)
Fender Rumble Bass 150W Head w/ 2x8 & 1x12 Cab
Orange TH30 Guitar Head w/ 2X12 guitar cab
Orange Micro Terror

Marshall Valvestate Combo
Marshall MG 250 series Combo (available on request)
x3 Shure SM58 Mics with stands
x3 Music Stands

Available for hire:
Yamaha P35 Digital Piano w/ Stand £4
Yamaha PRS E303 Digital Piano w/ Stand £4
ZBT Zildjian 7 piece Cymbals £2
Marshall JVM205H £10
Bass & Electric Guitar - £4 each
Pedals - £1-4 each